Tuesday October 4, 2016

Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Posted by Karthik

Double OK is the weakest of the soundtrack, with a rather generic Tanglish outlook, but with an interesting rhythm-twist mid-way. Imman’s Raja’ish tendencies open up from Idhukkuthaanae aasappattain, a scintillating and punchy melody superbly sung by Shankar Mahadevan and Vandana Srinivasan that escapes specific raaga-identification, though it beautifully alludes to Lalitha raaga in the anupallavi, as Vandana goes, ‘Kurumbilae thaalaattum valayalin osai nee’! The composer takes the Raja’ish melody focus a step further in Yaenadi, in what seems like Keeravani raaga, and layered with what is now easily associated with his signature-style – busy and delightfully engaging orchestration that peaks especially well during the interludes, reeking of Raja all the more! Karthik and Shreya Ghoshal are in brilliant form here, and Shreya’s solo version of the song strips the busy’ness of the orchestration to present an equally alluring variant! The soundtrack’s scintillating highlight is Andha pulla manasa, using what is possibly Simmendramadhyamam raaga (with a smattering of Gowrimanohari too?) to phenomenal effect. Imman presents a wonderful twist after the first stanza, to gear up awesome guitars and changes the backdrop dramatically! In Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay, Imman once again proves why he is so, so good at presenting immersive melodies like Ilayaraja!

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  • Chuttan

    Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay, what a weird name, lol!!

  • Chuttan

    Accidentally, i came across ur old review of urs of somethin reviewed xactly 1 yr ago, & interesting thing is that that has also got a #200, seems as if this is some special day where u dstribute #200’s freely, lol!! Here is the link

  • Nithin

    Given the numerous references to Raja here, thought you’d be interested in reviewing the album “Thiraikku varaadha kadhai” by MG Sreekumar. Haven’t heard an album so reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s Raja in a LONG time.

    • milliblog

      Heard it. Found the songs terrible. Thendrale mazhai saarale is the only one that even remotely sounded decent – the other 3 were unbearable.

      • Chuttan

        So u r rating it, NW1W, r u?!

      • Nithin

        Got that wrong then – thought you would have been all over this based on past reviews! Especially Vannavanna poove with it’s “anjali anjali anjali” sound, violin interludes, carnatic elements,

  • Kaarthik Arul

    Don’t you feel idhukkuthAnE is based on Sindhu Bhairavi The beginning reminds me of Ram Ram from Hey Ram and pallavi has glimpses of sapon se bhare nanina from Luck by Chance sung by Shankar himself.

  • Noufal


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