Wednesday October 5, 2016

Kodi (Music review), Tamil – Santhosh Narayanan

Posted by Karthik

The most interesting aspect of Sirukki vaasam is the retro-pop backgrounds that is almost Serge Gainsbourg’ish! The tune is less engaging, in comparison, though the mid-way Kozhayiren turn is very interesting. The title song sounds like Veera thurandhara’s sequel, while Vetta pottu has director Hari’s stamp, more than Santhosh’s. There’s a distinct Hamsanadam Neetimati-raaga invocation (see Aadhy’s comment below) in Ariraro‘s prelude, though it veers completely away and moves into a rather functional pathos song. The soundtrack’s highlight is Ei suzhali, a lilting, quirky ballad with a retro-style orchestration, wonderfully sung by Vijaynarain. But, overall, this Kodi doesn’t seem to be flying all that high.

Keywords: Kodi, Santhosh Narayanan

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