Sethupathi (Music review), Tamil – Nivas K. Prasanna

Nivas and V.M.Mahalingam make a valiant effort singing Mazhai thooralaam and Thaen koottil, respectively; the former, an emotional ode to the police force, and the latter, a sweeping pathos number. But they end up sounding like background music. Konji pesida is a curious creation – 80s-sounding ‘light music’ tune, with highly engaging, mod orchestration. Nivas gets the Madras swagger perfectly in Hey Mama, thanks to Anirudh’s punchy rendition. Hawa hawa has a forced pleasant’ness to it, while also using Hawa hawa like Senthil did, while faking suicide in Cheran Pandiyan. From Thegidi’s high, Sethupathi seems like a cop-out for Nivas.

Keywords: Sethupathi, Nivas K. Prasanna

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