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Rekka (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Posted by Karthik

That Imman reserves some of his best melodies for Shreya Ghoshal is well established already. And when he hands her a mesmerizing tune that seems to be alluding to both Simmendramadhyamam (possible shades of Panneer Pushpangal’s Aanandha raagam!) and Gowrimanohari raagas, the results are bound to be awesome. So, Kanna kaattu podhum totally rocks, in Shreya’s fantastic vocals and Imman’s wonderfully imagined interludes that bring the rich beauty of Gowrimanohari raaga! Imman’s choice of Nandini Srikar pays him rich dividends in Kannamma, and he adds to that a rich, resonant musical backdrop that sees him adding imaginative interludes featuring guitar and nadaswaram. The tune, an enchanting melody on the lines of Raja’s Karpoora bommai ondru (raaga Saraswathi, perhaps?), gets so much better with Nandini’s phenomenal rendition. Pollapaiyya is trademark Imman – brilliant, energetic guitar-led tune, but on an almost-Raja melody. Haricharan and Shweta Mohan sink into the tune with relish. Virru virru is an interesting homage to Vidyasagar’s repertoire for director Dharani – like a new-age Inthaadi kappakezhange from Dhool. Jithin Raj’s vocals sound fresh in the attitude-laden masala song. The Furious Wings theme is an energetic background-music melange. After a spate of middling soundtracks, Imman gets his act together!

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  • Chuttan

    It seems that u r xtremely biased against hindu, sikh sorta music composers while whenever some muslim/christian name appears in music credits, u start floodin the review with appreciation, is it communist agenda?!

  • Chuttan

    When the hindu % of popu is very high in south india, still y most of the music composer names seem to b muslim/christian only, there’s surely a lot of anti-hindu agenda ran by communists in south india, lol!!

    • Jagan Kumaravelu

      AR Rahman doesn’t focus much in Tamil these days. Yuvan has been out of form for quite sometime now. Harris is almost on his way out (except for a few albums here and there). Its your Hindu composers, Anirudh and GV Prakash, who are ruling the roost now (note the point: GV Prakash, who is AR Rahman’s nephew, continues to be a Hindu). Frankly, nobody here cares because all these composers and their works are loved by people from all religions (we don’t show bias here in South towards certain religion artists). But it seems like your perverted brain is on an overdrive.

      • Chuttan

        Nothin like that, it was just my personal opinion, which didn’t came from any kinda forced thinkin about religion & philosophy but from what i saw, anyway as i have been warned by the moderator, i don’t like to stretch the fight any further!!

    • Saiprasath chitlapakkam

      Is Santhosh Narayanan Muslim or Christian. Come on grow up

      • Chuttan

        I just wanna say that the hindu popu is not gettin its due representation acc to demographics, anyway, i have been warned about it by the moderator & won’t stretch it any further!!

  • Chuttan

    Is it a joke to cnvrt in south india, it seems so, ilayaraja converts from christian to hindu, yuvan from hindu to muslim, rahman from hindu to muslim, many other xamples r also there, it seems that people change religions more frequently in south india than their respective dresses, lol!!

    • Ranjith

      I have not once thought of whats the religion of the composer I am listening to or what they are converted from. When I listen to a song all I can feel is the soul of his mind, I don’t find religion in it. May be you are right in comparing religion to dresses. When you remove it all that’s left inside is a human.

      • Chuttan

        Lol, i wasn’t that serious though, thought earlier of usin the term underwear there, but thought it wud b vulgar so changed it, anyway, it was just a personal observation & not to hurt any1’s sentiments!!

    • milliblog

      Chuttan, consider this a warning – you need to stop bringing religion here. You are perfectly free to have your views on religion and are free to write about them anywhere which welcomes those perspectives and on your personal social handles. But we do not discuss religion and religion-related topics here in this blog. Feel free to write about music, but if you bring religion here again, I’d be forced to ban you.

      • Chuttan

        Ok, will pay attention to it in future!!

  • Chuttan

    Tn from demographics angle-87.5% hindu, 6% christian, 6% muslim, but c the religion of music composers-rahman-convrted muslim, yuvan-cnvrted muslim, ilaiyaraja-cnvrted hindu, (thank god some1 cnvrted to hinduism), d imman-christian, harris jayaraj-christian, this is of major 1’s, many small rats r also roamin here there, plz some1 tell me(plz don’t block me again, i m just askin for knowledge) what’s so fishy in there that dspite of such huge hindu popu %, how most of the music composers r mainly muslim/christian?!

  • Chuttan

    Plz review zulfiqar, recently released album, u may like it!!

  • Chuttan

    Well, u were talkin of makin a list of top nadeem-shravan songs in some post, i searched for it but didn’t found any, have u ever made it or were only thinkin of makin it & have cancelled the plan?!

  • lovethetech

    Karthik, Good albums flooding in recent weeks!!! Nice feast for music lovers!!! This is like Raaja used to give every Friday for years in late 70s and 80s..!!
    Keep up the Great work!!!

    • Chuttan

      At 1 pt of time, u r sayin that u didn’t had time for music recently, then at other pt of time, u r appreciatin the recent music, don’t u find urself entangled in nets of confusion?!

      • lovethetech

        U need to check ur IQ.

    • Chuttan

      U r urself givin confuzin statements, i m not responsible for ur confuzin paradoxical statements!!

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    #200 for Rekka? Unexpected. Will give it a listen. Heard that Shreya song in the trailer today and it sounded superb as usual (well that’s always the case with a Shreya-Imman song). Looks like they are looking to do an encore of Ghilli with this film (and Vj Sethupathi wants to don the mass hero garb for once after making a career out of offbeat hit films).

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Heard it! Imman seems to be back. The big plus point here in this album is the singer selection. The likes of Shreya, Swetha, Nandini and Haricharan absolutely nail the singing and sound pristinely good. A lot of good classical notes by Imman to feed these singer’s talent and the result shows. One of Imman’s better works in recent times.

  • vimal

    What an album !! I was thinking the other day about the similarities between Imman and Vidyasagar…both of them focus more on melody…in your words Raja-isque melodies…and both had similar starts in the industry…with only movies of Satyaraj and Arjun for a very long time…..Imman ofcourse started with a Vijay starrer. 🙂

  • Thiru Vetti

    Enna song – Kannamma. Found this song only now with the video. It keeps haunting me. This should be like the “Kangal Irandal” for Imman.

    What a song.

  • Noufal

    Kannama is one hell of a song….

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