Sunday September 11, 2016

Chennai 2 Singapore (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Vaadi vaadi is Ghibran’s pulsating ode to classic rock, though Rajan Chelliah’s Tamil diction is considerably fangled. Texas pogiren takes things a notch higher! The singer, ‘Narrow Smith’ apes the high-pitched heavy-metal vocal style and sounds insanely innovative since he is singing in Tamil, including, ‘Aaathaaa, Maariaatha kaapaathu’, while making a child cry inconsolably! In Poda, Ghibran lets loose a manic energy in the name of music – it’s mighty fresh, though. RJ Balaji amps up his RJ-style speech 10x, and delivers catchy rap amidst recurring ‘Poda’. After a head-spinning electric guitar phrase, the song also segues into catchy folk percussion! Gun inbam is no different, as a melange – powered by Emcee Jesz’s rap, led by Sharanya Gopinath’s superb vocals that include a hauntingly lovely Kerala-style alaap, and ending in frenzied kuthu! Ro ro roshini is the soundtrack’s most conventional, with a grand, captivating sound. The soundtrack’s only melody is Pogadhe, where Rajan Chelliah’s diction grates again, but he makes it up with soaring vocals, aided by Ghibran’s gorgeous jazz’y backgrounds. The song’s female version is a pleasant twist, with its lively folk lilt and well sung by Suthashini. Chennai 2 Singapore’s hyper-inventive soundtrack is Ghibran’s mic drop moment!

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  • Chuttan

    What is the criteria for #200?! The soundtrack being long(i.e havin more no of songs),r they highly probable to get it, if so then the soundtracks havin less no of songs r naturally at a disadvantage, or do the songs must b invokin visualization, such that 1 can’t dscribe it in 100 words anyhow, so the long songs will b at an advantage, can u plz tell, what is the criteria for #100/#200/#300 related to my observations & whether that #100 soundtrack is inferior to #200/#300(acc to ur opinion)or v must read the review completely & then judge whether the review is positive/negative!!

    • milliblog
      • Chuttan

        Quite a rapid reply, unxpectedly, seems as if u already knew the question which i wud b askin, lol!!

  • KarthikManikandan

    “Texas Pogiraen” one hell of a crazy number. It looks like the director has written the lyrics and sung this number under the pseudonym of “Narow Smith”.

  • RealWorldWork

    I don’t understand any of these songs. Really require your kind of wisdom to make sense of these songs. Hope someday God will Bless me with that wisdom.

  • Chuttan

    I m waitin eagerly for some himesh soundtrack, those pgs comment sections r truly interestin, loaded with hilarious comments, replies & innovative abuses, lol!!

  • Nachi

    What an eclectic soundtrack from Ghibran. Melodies , Metal , Pop rock.. Fantastic

    • milliblog

      Was playing ‘Texas pogiren’ this morning at home. Wife’s reaction when ‘Aaathaaa, Maariaatha kaapaathu’ happened: “Aiyo vera yedhavadhu paatta poden!” 🙂

      • Nachi

        HAHA- Would expect the same reaction from my mom. But i loved the song..

      • Chuttan

        What does that mean, can u plz xplain in eng?!

      • Nirmal ram

        Was introducing this song to family members in the drive – Ppl are like seeing my face till the song gets over and gives a sigh of relief. “Enna da paatu idhu”

  • Sathyajit Krishnan

    Texas Pogiren is probably the most weirdest song I’ve heard in my life. But loved the wordplay – Narrow Smith. The guy sounds just like Steven Tyler

  • Wow, both for the soundtrack and for the last line of your review. One can so easily visualise Ghibran doing that at the end of listening to the album.

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