Sunday September 11, 2016

Chennai 2 Singapore (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Vaadi vaadi is Ghibran’s pulsating ode to classic rock, though Rajan Chelliah’s Tamil diction is considerably fangled. Texas pogiren takes things a notch higher! The singer, ‘Narrow Smith’ apes the high-pitched heavy-metal vocal style and sounds insanely innovative since he is singing in Tamil, including, ‘Aaathaaa, Maariaatha kaapaathu’, while making a child cry inconsolably! In Poda, Ghibran lets loose a manic energy in the name of music – it’s mighty fresh, though. RJ Balaji amps up his RJ-style speech 10x, and delivers catchy rap amidst recurring ‘Poda’. After a head-spinning electric guitar phrase, the song also segues into catchy folk percussion! Gun inbam is no different, as a melange – powered by Emcee Jesz’s rap, led by Sharanya Gopinath’s superb vocals that include a hauntingly lovely Kerala-style alaap, and ending in frenzied kuthu! Ro ro roshini is the soundtrack’s most conventional, with a grand, captivating sound. The soundtrack’s only melody is Pogadhe, where Rajan Chelliah’s diction grates again, but he makes it up with soaring vocals, aided by Ghibran’s gorgeous jazz’y backgrounds. The song’s female version is a pleasant twist, with its lively folk lilt and well sung by Suthashini. Chennai 2 Singapore’s hyper-inventive soundtrack is Ghibran’s mic drop moment!

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