Friday June 17, 2016

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

There’s a whiff of MS Viswanathan in the simple and sweet melody of Avalum naanum! Vijay Yesudas rocks this solo, recalling his dad’s prowess more than once. But that this is a Rahman song is evident all over – beautiful violin solo in the first interlude and the tune twist towards anupallavi! Idhu varai is typical boy-band ballad material. Madhan Karky’s love-soaked lines seem to have been written before the tune, and the free-flowing tune seems to assert that too! Showkali is energetic hip-hop, though with all the familiar elements as expected, including Arabic and kuthu infusions in the middle and that curveball of an ending! Sid lands the ‘Thalli pogathey‘ hook a full two minutes into the song, almost like consciously delaying that much-dreaded act – the song is Sid’s showcase all the way, with him holding Thamarai’s free-form poetry superbly in control. The soundtrack’s big highlight is Rasaali, a sprawling, spritely duet with Satya Prakash and Shashaa Tirupati (particularly that goosebumps-inducing Ninnukori piece!) in mind-boggling form, while also throwing in everything from Patnam Subramania Iyer’s Valachi Vachi Varnam in the first interlude and that Muthai Thiru-inspired anupallavi! Engaging soundtrack from Rahman that demands your attention with its nuances.

Keywords: Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, acham enbadhu manadamayada, A R Rahman, 200, #200

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  • Anjan Oleti

    Vintage Rahman! Deserves #300 😀

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Showkali was one song of ADK which everyone seems to like… Normally ADK songs for ARR are not as widely appreciated. Showkali is like ARR on drugs!! And when I saw your word “MSV” when referring to Avalum Naanum, I clapped…. 😀 Felt the same when I heard the song first time (I didnt read ur review then)

  • Umesh

    Three soundtracks in 2016 by ARR and all three get 200 word reviews <3

  • Say Something

    Matured work from Rahman. Good stuff. .!

  • Anil Nair

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel that sound quality on itunes especially for Avalum is horrible !!!!

    • Deepak Samuel

      True that! I kept thinking I hadn’t properly plugged in my headphones 🙂

  • Ranjith

    Kind of deserves 200 for Rasaali and avalum naanum. But Rahman’s on a cheasy route these days.

  • Pinchi

    Rasaali is outstanding. This is what I would expect from Rahman given
    many others have taken his inital route to experimentation and bring out
    consistently good numbers. Showkali is not my type and Thali Pogudhey
    seems to be celebrated only because it is from Rahman. If it was other
    music directors probably that song might have been a dud. Yet to listen
    to the other songs.

    P.S.: Hopefully the usual fight and gathering does not occur here again.

  • Nash Nash A

    First national award he recieved almost 25 years back ,style of music,taste,attitude eveything changed even genrations totally changed ,but in this world one thing never changed that is called innovative and expirimental music of legend rahman…..

  • Jil
  • Abhijit

    Showkali sounds so much like a rehash of Dochey from Rahman’s earlier album Puli, don’t you think?

  • wootshire

    Agree with the other posters, the audio quality is awful. The Youtube videos seem terribly compressed. Hopefully the audio CD version is mastered better!

  • Chuttan

    The actress in the poster looks hot, thumbs up to agree!! Lol!!

  • Chuttan

    Y the b**bs of the actress in the poster r hanging, has she forgotten to wear bra, lol!!

  • Chuttan

    Another #200 for rahman, others rarely gettin 200 but amit trivedi & rahman r the toppers in the blog, usually!!

  • rnjbond

    Wow, Rasaali and Avalam Naanum is both fantastic! I don’t understand a lick of Tamil, but love this soundtrack nonetheless.

  • Sundarhari

    Idhu varai is a beauty. Fun Rahman at his best. Four songs are great. Showkali is a waste as of now.

  • Subramanian Ramachandran

    sorry for the nitpicking :),

    “24” = AYM = 200 worders, does this mean the pleasure and delight in listening to AYM is almost same as hearing “24” ? or is there a different yard stick?

    • milliblog

      Yes, that’s the logic. Only thing you missed was… to whom. That means, I liked 24 and AYM on the same level… not the world, or I don’t expect the world to follow on those lines 🙂

      • Subramanian Ramachandran

        I was only asking from your point of view…… if you really felt both were equally enjoyable to you, then good……

        • milliblog

          Indeed. After doing this so often, I thought people understood it… sorry 🙂

  • Ranjith

    This album is not creating any stir that usual GVM albums create. 3tracks yet to make any impression. Not sure why Rahman would give songs like idhu varai, showkali in a GVM movie. Rasaali and Avalum Naanum are of Vintage Rahman solitaire. Thanks to GVM for bringing us a 90s spark in Rahman. Maybe these are the kind of song’s we get in GVM movies if Rahman was associated with GVM from Minnalae. Damn!! GVM and Harris did create an epitome in music for a period. AR did try to emulate music of the same constitution in VTV. But AYM is totally out of rahman, Good in its way, GVM element missing here.

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