Wednesday June 8, 2016

Amma Kanakku (Music review), Tamil – Ilayaraja

Posted by Karthik

It may be unfair to compare Maths tough with its Hindi equivalent in the same situation (Rohan-Vinayak’s Maths mein dubba gul), but on its own too, with Srinisha’s constipated vocals and an awkwardly jumpy rhythm, it’s embarrassing, at best. Unakkum enakkum, however, is all Raja – a prayer’ish melody set amidst calming piano and delivered well by Ramya NSK and Vandana Srinivasan. Haricharan’s version of the same tune, Kadavul padaippil, takes off from the earlier song seamlessly. The two short pieces, Kanavugal and Indha vazhkai, have good enough tunes, but are marred by seemingly over-enthusiastic backgrounds. Disappointing fare by Ilayaraja.

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  • hikicha

    Somehow , I’m reminded of his 2006-7 output like Dhanam – the tunes are good, but the backgrounds are so loud .

    Maths Tough – reminded of the disco song in Ramana 🙁

    -Mumbai Ramki

    • milliblog

      Wondering what Karthikraja’s contribution is, to this one.

      • hikicha

        athaane paarthaen 🙂 KR varalayennu 🙂
        Probably he has influence in al of his recent albums . Somehow Bad synth is equated with KR .

  • Prakash Srinivasan

    Ilaiyaraja is at a stage when he needs a project which goes beyond the usual 5 song formula, unfortunately many Dirs do not challenge him with a different concept or theme. He needs to be challenged to extract the best out of him. Examples include Uliyin Osai (historical theme), Sri Rama Rajyam (different situations owing to the emotional episode of Ramayana), Naan Kadavul (A never before done Aghori theme), NEPV (He got another opportunity to work with an international orchestra and in such cases he rarely disappoints). Look at any such movie with unique themes and almost 99% of them have different and noteworthy music from IR.

  • lovethetech

    Waste!!! As good as Oyee!!!

  • Raja Gopalakrishnan

    I am pretty sure this is going to go well with the movie!

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