Thodari (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Adadaa ithuyenna, with a profusion of violins and impeccable singing by Haricharan and Vandana is easily likeable. Oorellam kekkude is that spritely tune that Imman reserves for Shreya and it, with lively Celtic interludes and multiple languages, is expectedly engaging, with a diva-style closure by Maria Roe Vincent! Shreya joins Haricharan in the sweeping duet Pona usuru that beautifully alludes to Charukesi raaga in the anupallavi. Manusanum‘s only redeeming factor is the thumping rhythm, while Love in Wheels shines, with its ambitiously mounted melody. Thodari is good music, marred only by the familiarity of it all being Imman’s signature style.

Keywords: D.Imman, Thodari

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