Mangalyam Thanthunanena (Music review), Malayalam – Assorted composers

Revaa’s Melle Mulle is delightfully folk’ish and spritely, with an ensemble to handle the joyous vocals. Her Chase Theme too is captivating, turning kuthu in style. Sujesh and Sunadh Sankar’s Ariyathe is straight off the Bhatt-brigade style, but the folk percussion and flute mid-way punctuate the song confidently. Azim Roshan’s Azikumbol is Vaikom Vijayalekshmi show, amidst the catchy mish-mash tune! Sayonara Philip composes the soundtrack’s best – Mounam! The tune’s Latino twang is tantalizing, which gets accentuated in her searing Unplugged version! For a soundtrack where director Soumya Sadanandan invited entries and picked 3, this is a remarkably well-assembled soundtrack!

PS: The film’s director had invited entries from new composers for three tracks. Of the 1,200 tracks the team received via email, the chosen ones were Revaa, Azim Roshan and Sunadh Sankar-Sukesh Sankar. Sayonara Philip had already made her impressive composing debut earlier this year, with Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri.

Keywords: Mangalyam Thanthunanena, Revaa, Sujesh Sankar and Sunadh Sankar, Azim Roshan, Sayonara Philip

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