Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (Music review), Telugu – Vivek Sagar

Swagatham Suswagatham is quite an unusual opening to the soundtrack! Cisco Chi sounds like Apache Indian 2.0 and the music too mixes a host of genres, sounding both curious and interesting! Aagi Aagi is trademark Vivek, with a breezy, guitar-led sound, and a melody that is easy-on-the-ear. Anurag Kulkarni holds fort till the anupallavi when Manisha Eerabathini saunters in, amidst Vivek’s favorite soft, jazzy sound. Collegee Agelona is a delightful pastiche led by a frenetic Electro Swing sound, and adding many other things in the heady mix. Parada Jarupukoni rides on Hemachandra’s superb vocals and Arshad Ali’s flamboyant sax, along with Vivek’s own electric guitars in the funky rock track. Maarey Kalale takes on a rock sound too, powered by Suraj Santosh’s vocals who is particularly fantastic in the song’s latter portions. This one aims for an anthemic sound and achieves it too, with help from Neil Joshua’s electric guitars. Veediponidhi Okateley is the soundtrack’s lone song with a softer tone. Vivek composes and sings this Simon & Garfunkel’ish melody, and guitars his way into it too, in style, along with a poignant violin phrase by Sandilya Pisapati. After Sammohanam, Vivek Sagar hits it out of the park yet again!

Keywords: Vivek Sagar, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi, #200, 200

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