Uriyadi (Music review), Tamil – Masala Coffee and Anthony Daasan

Masala Coffee’s metal version of Bharathiyar’s iconic verses in Agnikunjondru is pulsating and sweeping. Sooraj Santhosh delivers it in his flawless style. Anthony Daasan composed Maane maane gets a fresh treatment, particularly more filmy, shorter interludes, though the folk soul of the song remains intact in Masala Coffee’s production. The soundtrack’s undeniable highlight is the Tamil version of the band’s cult song, Kaantha. It’s heady fun, with an addictive tune, and a cocktail of sounds from Arshad Khan’s Esraj, Sooraj’s Kazoo to fantastic drums, besides fantastic vocals by Sooraj and Varun Sunil. Short, but captivating Tamil debut by Masala Coffee.

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Listen to the songs on Saavn.

Original Maane Maane:

Original Kaantha, in Malayalam: