Kanithan (Music review), Tamil – Sivamani

Yappa chappa, is percussion-heavy, employing a soft-kuthu sound besides horns and ghatam, and rides on the hook to propel a generically pleasant tune. Maiyal maiyal too makes fantastic use of a more-than-pronounced percussion base particularly for a melody, a likeable one, at that. I viralgal is punchy rap, sung with the perfect verve by MC AK, Adhiraja, Ishan and Yasin, amidst a catchy fusion-kuthu sound. Modern ponnathan‘s tune is random mish-mash, held together only by Sivamani’s captivating sound. Sivamani’s orchestration is impressive in Che Guevara, but the tune is terribly outdated. Sivamani’s second, after Arima Nambi, is comparatively less interesting.

Keywords: Sivamani, Drums Sivamani, Kanithan

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