Pasanga 2 (Music review), Tamil – Arrol Corelli

There is so much of Ilayaraja in Pasanga 2. The Anjali’ish way to a children’s song, in Chota Bheema, sung brilliantly by Yazhini and Srikanth… the Western Classical base in Tham tham (but with a maudlin anupallavi) and the Rum bum bum’ish rock and roll in Kaattukulla (though it seems a bit hurried here, while Anand Halve sings both really well)! The Charukesi raaga base lifts the mellow Pookkalai killi vandhu instantly, while Arrol demonstrates his violin mastery in the theme, like he did superlatively in his debut, Pisasu. Arrol Corelli is a musical talent definitely worth looking forward to!

Keywords: Pasanga 2, Haiku, Arrol Corelli

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