Drishyam (Music review), Hindi – Vishal Bhardwaj

Kya pataa is the kind of song Vishal used to hand over to Suresh Wadkar. Then, he started singing them himself. Now, he gets Arijit to sing this whispery, ambient tune, beautifully accentuated by those jazz’y backgrounds. Ash King brings Gulzar’s typically colloquial lines to life in style, in Carbon copy, amidst Vishal’s thumping, guitar-laden sound. KK sounds as labored as Kab kahan se‘s heavy-handed sound that tries too hard, and fails. Dum ghutta hai, despite Rekha and Rahat, and cool guitaring, is surprisingly bland and boring! Drishyam’s usual song score is two, across languages. Here too, only two work!

Keywords: Drishyam, Vishal Bhardwaj