Madhura Naranga (Music review), Malayalam – Sreejith-Saachin

Ee kootil, beyond that familiar Bollywood’ish rhythm, has a lilt that grows on you, thanks also to Madhu Balakrishnan’s vocals. Vijesh Gopal-sung Melle vannu has a similar sound, but with less engaging results. Oh thirayukayano‘s (and Vazhvom thazhvom‘s) soulful melody sounds great in Sreejith Edavan and Reshma Menon’s vocals, while Haricharan and Sooraj Santhosh prop the fairly predictable tune in Oru naal. Aarum kaanathe builds it’s backgrounds along with the engaging tune well, but the soundtrack’s best is the Kedaram’ish Malayalam-Tamil Kankankalil, beautifully sung by Vijesh Gopal and Swetha Mohan! The Yuvvh-duo, Sreejith-Saachin do leave a mark in their debut.

Keywords: Madhura Naranga, Sreejith-Saachin