Romeo Juliet (Music review), Tamil – D.Imman

Dandanakka is a raucous and riotous ode to T.Rajendar, something that only social media has been indulging in under a satirical garb, but with this song going mainstream! Anirudh leads the song confidently and the main hook is a foot-stomper! Vishal Dadlani is incredibly good with his vocals, and Tamil diction, in Thoovaanam, a thoroughly engaging melody that gets better and better as it progresses, particularly the anupallavi’s intricate tune. To hear him take the effort to accurately pronounce words like ‘punugu’, along the full flow of the tune, is totally heartwarming! Sunitha Sarathy’s slower reprise is a great listen too, incidentally, as she brings a feminine charm to the tune! Vaikom Vijaylakshmi is mind-bogglingly good in Idarkuthaane aasaippattaai, a retro’ish swinging tune that she owns with her unique, playful nuances. Imman too does a fantastic job in the song’s imaginative orchestration, particularly the chorus that plays mid-way and beautifully segues into the anupallavi! Romeo romeo, though, is the only less impactful song, with a tune that seems to try too hard. Arakki is trademark Imman – an instantly catchy hook and rocking rhythm working in sync with Anthony Dasan’s gaana swagger. Wonderfully catchy and super fun soundtrack from Imman!

Keywords: Romeo Juliet, D.Imman, #200

PS: I gave this a 100 earlier, but it grew on me surprisingly well. I was totally addicted to the songs (except Romeo Romeo, though!) and I think this one deserves a 200. Apologies to Imman!