Roy (Music review), Hindi – Amaal Malik, Ankit Tiwari & Meet Bros Anjjan

Amaal Malik’s Sooraj dooba hain is a mighty enthusiastic techno dance number with lively vocals of Aditi and Arijit. Meet Bros Anjjan’s Chittiyaan kalaiyaan, the desi dance number is easy on the ears with Kanika’s extra oomphy vocals. Ankit Tiwari’s Tu hai, Boond boond and Yaara re are in typical Ankit-style – soaring, immersive melodies that are wonderfully orchestrated! The man sings amazingly in the first two while letting KK breeze through the third’s pathos, aptly. Tu hai’s female version is Ankit paying obeisance to the film’s producer by letting Tulsi Kumar maul a lovely tune. Highly listenable, multi-composer soundtrack!

Keywords: Amaal Malik, Ankit Tiwari, Meet Bros Anjjan, Roy

Note: Sorry for the Ankit vs. Arijit confusion. The latter seems to be ALL OVER the place. While I was listening to Roy’s songs, there was another tab with new of Arijit’s Tamil debut, another one of his Bengali songs and so on. Result: gave poor Ankit the raw deal. Apologies again.