Shamitabh (Music review), Hindi – Ilayaraja

It doesn’t matter that Anand Milind had freemixed Ilayaraja’s 1980 Tamil number from the Rajinikanth starrer Johnny, in Angrakshak’s Dil mere udaas hai! The veteran remixes it himself in Sannata, retaining the essence of the tune and getting Shruti to breeze through it, and also add her name along with Sunidhi and Shreya (courtesy Swanand Kirkire). Suraj Jagan is fantastic in Ishq e phillum, but what stands out magnificiently is Ilayaraja’s mesmerizing music, particularly that bass and interludes! Swanand Kirkires lyrics too stand out with its lively colloquialism. Suraj’s other track, Thappad, is a vibrant and eclectic melange that traverses through some brilliant phases, all layered with a racy music and catchy vocal effects. Suraj’s last, Lifebuoy is even more whimsical – a techno redoing of some of the known ad jingles/phrases and in the most unusual way! Caralisa Monteiro is magnificient in Sha sha mi mi! The kind of music Ilayaraja assembles in the background is mind-bogglingly captivating and flows oh-so-beautifully, with interludes that are trademark Raja! Piddly closes the soundtrack in style, with Amitabh singing Swanand Kirkire’s verses with a unique insouciance that adds to the song’s tone immensely! Trust Balki to take Ilayaraja national again, and how!

Keywords: Shamitabh, Ilayaraja, Balki, 200, #200