Mukunda (Music review), Telugu – Mickey J Meyer

Chesededo‘s pulsating tune plays beautifully in contrast to the expansive, thrumming background. Daredumdadum is relatively simplistic and predictable, but the orchestration is enchanting, while Chitra rules over the other predictable, but sweet track, Gopikamma. Arare chandrakala is very foot-tapping in a very Mickey-way and is superbly sung by Sai Shivani and Karthik. Nandalaala, despite Swetha Pandit’s pleasant vocals, is too templatized within Mickey’s usual style, but the theme is powerful enough to stand out. Chaala baagundi, with its briliant vocal plus guitar interplay, is the soundtrack’s best, with Haricharan proving his value again! Mickey on top of his game, again!

Keywords: Mukunda, Mickey J Meyer