Friday December 13, 2013

Nimirndhu Nil (Music review), Tamil – G V Prakash Kumar

Posted by Karthik

Kaadhal nergayil is perhaps Prakash’s n’th song with a similar structure – semi-Hindustani’ish sound and a likeable melody; good till it lasts, but too familiar. Gaana Bala runs amok in Don’t worry be happy like only he can – typical, but good fun. Rajadhi raja is a bland, lifeless hero intro song, while the Gita verses is great background material with a neat smattering of the Middle-Eastern sound. The soundtrack’s highlight is the lovely Negizhiyinil, straddling what is possibly Chaarukesi raaga, to a haunting effect, sung well by Haricharan and Saindhavi! Customary soundtrack from Prakash, with one stand-out song!

Keywords: Nimirndhu Nil, GV Prakash Kumar



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