Thanga Meengal (Music review), Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja

Na.Muthukumar’s beautiful lyrics adorn the gorgeous melody in Aananda yaazhai, sung fabulously by Sriram Parthasarathy. Yuvan’s work in the interludes is almost Raja’esque – brilliant! Along with the director’s annoying Tamil pronunciation in the prelude, Nadhi vellam‘s backgrounds and interludes sound better than the morose tune. Alphonse’s odd vocal contortions overshadow the Yaarukkum’s short tune. More mispronunciations by the director in the prelude to First Last, but Baby Sadhana and Baby Sanjana own the song, along with Muthukumar’s endearing lyrics – joyous anti-school outburst from a child’s perspective! Two songs stand out in Thanga Meengal, that is shades below Yuvan-Ram’s earlier collaboration.

Keywords: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Thanga Meengal, Katradhu Thamizh