Raja Rani (Music review), Tamil – G V Prakash Kumar

Hey baby‘s a capella and thavil sound is endearing – GVP sings it well along with Aishwarya, but it is Gaana Bala who comes in towards the end with a Chandrababu-style piece in gana form and completely rocks the song singing about ‘Gaja’s’ advice! Shaktisree is magnificient in Angnyaade, but GVP’s captivating backgrounds and Pa.Vijay’s word play do jostle for attention! Clinton Cerejo’s Tamil distracts in Chillena, and even the tune is standard-issue GVP-style techno-pop. Unnale‘s short pathos has neat vocals by Vandana Srinivasan, who, for some odd reason, sounds a lot like Chinmayi! Oday oday is high on catchy rhythm, interestingly contrasting interludes that touch upon the ghazal sound first, with Shalmali, and then a pulsating rock n’ roll sound with Sasha! Vijay Prakash and Shalmali Kholgade seem to be having great fun crooning this. Imaye, the Minnale-style (May Maadham) track sees GVP use haunting violins to a near-similar effect and also sing it rather well, alongside Shaktisree. The instrumental, A love for life is short and neat, if only a bit too sappy. GV Prakash Kumar does very well in Raja Rani’s soundtrack – there’s good variety here, the sound is trendy and the tunes are very likeable!

Keywords: GV Prakash Kumar, Raja Rani, 200, #200