Pattathu Yaanai (Music review), Tamil – Thaman S

Thattungada melatha, despite all the effort by Thaman in the racy backgrounds, ends up as too familiar a template from him. Gana Bala’s otherwise earthy voice gets severely synthesized in Poosani kaai, thereby robbing it off any edge. Haricharan and Udit Narayan’s odd duet, Raja raja naandhaane, has a pleasant tune that comes with an air of having been used by Thaman very recently, while Thala kaalu puriyala is regulation item material riding on one hook. The soundtrack’s highlight is Enna oru, with Karthik ruling the melody, along with Thaman’s trademark violins! This Pattathu Yaanai is mostly tired and sedate.

Keywords: Thaman S, Pattathu Yaanai, Vishal