Wednesday March 21, 2007

Sivaji (Tamil – A R Rahman, sneak preview!)

Posted by Karthik

One more eagerly expected Rahman soundtrack gets leaked – just three tracks, though! Vaaji vaaji is definitely very catchy – but a tad too simplistic with a predictable rhythm sequence. Sahana is pretty melodious, even as it’s a bit staid for a Rajinikanth starrer! Oru koodai sunlight is bound to catch you completely off-guard with crowd-pleasing lyrics, smattering of Spanish and some atrocious Tamil pronunciation. As for the tune, beyond its marginal hip-hop influences, its one of those usual fragmented songs that only Rahman can produce. Despite my initial apprehension, this may catch on big, thanks to its highly unusual structure!

Keywords: Rajinikanth, Rajinikant, Shivaji, Sivaji, Shriya, A R Rahman, Shankar

Note: Yes, I just got a mail from one of this blog’s usual visitors asking me if I have heard the 3 tracks from Sivaji that’s doing the rounds on the net! Nope…I haven’t! Have I been living under a shell? He mailed me those 3 tracks and here I was listening to them feeling quite guilty and appalled at the same time! This is just a sneak (p)review of the three leaked tracks! Expect a full review as soon as the soundtrack releases. Officially, that is.

Update 1 (March 24th, 2007): This may be a tad late…and I don’t intend to sound disrespectful…but going by the 6th comment – who is this Shafeeq? And what is Media Studio? Isn’t Rahman’s studio called something else? In any case, we’ll know the truth when the audio releases officially and if it does not have a song called (!!) Day light dude and if Rahman hasn’t sung Sahana. Till then, lets continue to wonder about who this Shafeeq might be! Prankster perhaps? Hopefully not!

Update 2 (March 24th, 2007): Vijay Iyer, a close confidant of Rahman has spoken. The Shaggy connection is supposedly not true – in the Oru koodai song. It’s a Bollywood singer according to Vijay. In a terse message answering a question about Shaggy’s presence in this song, Vijay says, “nope! not true…its a bollywood singer”. So, does this piece of revelation obliterate the entire comment by Shafeeq? By the way, who is Shafeeq and what is Media Studio…all over again?



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