Monday November 26, 2012

Paradesi (Music review), Tamil – G V Prakash Kumar

Posted by Karthik

Avatha paiyya‘s incredibly pleasant melody is instantly endearing – Yasin and Vandana’s vocals is one big reason, besides the gorgeous percussion that adorns it. Sengaade‘s elongated prelude portends an archaic pathos tune and Madhu Balakrishnan starts singing in line too; but the song has superb vocals and impactful lyrics. Or mirugam is the best orchestrated song of the soundtrack with its deep, sonorous sound and excellent singing by Prasanna and Pragathi. Thannai thaane is weak folk sans punch, while Senneer thaana tries a sweeping sound that never materializes, with its lethargic tune. Paradesi has GVP delivering to Bala’s lofty standards!

Keywords: Paradesi, Bala, GV Prakash Kumar



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