Saturday July 21, 2012

Veyilodu Vilayadu (Music review), Tamil – Karthik Raja

Posted by Karthik

There’s a certain listlessness across Veyilodu Vilayadu’s soundtrack that seems to indicate that this may be pre-Tuneega Tuneega. Netthipottu vachu, for instance, could pass off for any lackluster 90s Raja track, barring that interesting sax intrusion. Elumiccha nirathile is worse – sedate and meandering tune. Lungi lungarre is pompous, item material masquerading as folk, while Kaattukadanga puyalena is stunningly boring and horrendously sung. The only song that works is Dhoorathil unnaikkaanum; this too, because it sounds like an addictive Yuvan song. It is sung by him as well and progresses wonderfully well! Karthik Raja’s come-back has happened in Telugu; not Tamil.

Keywords: Karthikraja, Karthik Raja, Veyilodu Vilayadu



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