Sunday July 15, 2012

Hideaways (Movie review) – Director: Agnès Merlet

Posted by Karthik

What do you get when you cross the sensibilities of Mani Ratnam’s Geetanjali (Idhayathai Thirudaathey, in Tamil), the crux of Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and the relationships in Audrey Niffenegger’s book The Time Traveler’s Wife (I’m discounting the Eric Bana-Rachel McAdams starrer made from the book because it was so bad)? You get Agnès Merlet’s Hideaways.

No, those 3 movie references are not spoilers – really!

Much like Geetanjali, the lead pair in Hideaways just wants to be left alone and brood about their troubles.

Like in Unbreakable, there is a other-end-of-the-spectrum’ish connection between the elad pair even though you – as a seasoned movie lover – would catch that a few minutes into the film. The filmmakers don’t really go out of the way to conceal that angle and even the actual scene in the end is not treated with any specific reverence, thankfully.

And, like in The Time Traveler’s Wife, there is a strange and supernatural inheritance that forms the crux of the troubles of the leads.

Hideaways is a beautifully shot and composed film. The scenes are picture perfect, with a lovely musical score enhancing the ethereal appeal in every scene.

There are just 3 main characters, the 3rd is a bit incidental too. Of the leads, it is clearly Rachel Hurd-Wood (playing Mae-West O’Mara) who rules the show with the vulnerability she brings to her already fragile character. The leads do fall for each other in what may seem to be a convenient hurry, but given the fairy-tale like plot, it doesn’t bother too much.

So yes! Hideaways is like a lovely looking fairy tale with interesting modern twists that seem eventual in the end, but with a journey that is pretty and engrossing.

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