Jhootha Hi Sahi (Music review), Hindi – A R Rahman

Call me dil‘s dulcet notes get accentuated because of Rashid Ali’s vocals as Rahman gets his balladish orchestration pitch-perfect here! Rashid’s other track, Cry cry, is the mellow, pondering equivalent of Aditi; similar in its free-flowing format and conversational lyrics, particularly when Shreya Ghoshal joins, this one is vintage Rahman-style slow poison! Hello hello is where Rahman plays his genre-bending card…rather well. With a faint echo of Middle-eastern, but treading pleasant experimentations, this track by Karthik is interesting precisely because of its unconventional sound! Chinmayi sounds different yet again and is in brilliant form, as she joins Javed Ali in Mayya Yeshodha…a spritely, mildly spoofy traditional tune that gets hyper-enthusiastic towards the end! Sonu goes all moony in Do nishaaniyan, but it sounds at best like a Yuvvraaj leftover, except for Abbas’s fascinating lyrics! Pam pa ra, beyond that simplistic facade, holds a lovely mix of genres, much like Hello hello – a stagey, but charming mix! I’ll be waiting is the soundtrack’s stunning highlight – Vijay Yesudas in a dreamy, beautifully orchestrated, jazzy package that touches on  lovely Hindi lyrics too! As if making up for Endhiran’s bombastic outburst, Rahman delivers and succeeds with a gorgeous experiment, quite confidently!

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Note: Get your official download of this soundtrack from http://www.saregama.com/ – hats off to them for making the songs available on the day of it’s release. They just need to migrate to a better server though – or, they have clearly underestimated Rahman’s fanbase 😉