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Monday December 21, 2020 21:12

Paava Kadhaigal (Movie review)

Some spoilers below – you have been cautioned. In one of the scenes in Paava Kadhaigal’s episode ‘Or Iravu’ directed by Vetrimaaran, where Prakash Raj and Sai Pallavi are seated in the latter’s home and talking, on the wall behind them, there is a photo of Sai Pallavi and her husband with the Northern Lights […]

Saturday October 17, 2020 07:54

Putham Pudhu Kaalai (Movie review)

Watch the movie on Prime Video: Putham Pudhu Kaalai (with English subtitles). Putham Pudhu Kaalai offers the rare chance of watching four, what they used to call, A-Center Tamil films (and one B-Center Tamil film) – short films, of course. Tamil cinema has long moved to seeing ‘A-Center’ as a pejorative, even beyond the amount […]

Ishq is perhaps the most infuriating movie I have seen in quite a while. And this is mainly because the film topples, on its head, 2 well-known movie tropes – vigilante justice and home invasion. I missed it when it was in theaters – I reserve my theater experience to larger-than-life films, and indulge in […]

Monday December 3, 2018 10:17

2.0 (Tamil) – Director: Shankar

Before you begin, my movie review of Endhiran, if you have not read it. More than anything else, Shankar’s 2.0 is a shining statement about the evolution of non-cricket sports in India. Not only does the extended climax take place in a football stadium (and not during a cricket match), but when Akshay Kumar’s Dr. […]

Saturday October 21, 2017 10:46

Thupparivaalan (Movie review), Tamil – Mysskin

There is an incredibly choreographed fight sequence between Vishal and the Chennai-Chinese underlings at the Red Dragon Chinese restaurant in Thupparivaalan. During this extended, flamboyant sequence, at one point, Vishal dodges the multiple attackers and runs up a small staircase. As he does, a couple of underlings chase him and one of them tries to […]

An early scene in Arjun Reddy categorically portends to what the man is all about. In what is an episode that Arjun and his friend Shiva briefly discuss much later in the film, Arjun doesn’t get what he wants and is literally in heat. He walks out to a flabbergasted ‘Darling open the door’ husband […]

That Mysskin has reached auteur level was evident even in his earlier films, but he hammers it beyond doubt in Onaiyum Aatukuttiyum! This is a film that has every one of his trademark ‘touches’ in full flow, plus much more! As a frenetically paced thriller, the film works flawlessly in keeping your attention focused. There […]

Saturday August 17, 2013 10:26

Chennai Express (Movie review), Rohit Shetty

To start with, I wasn’t sure if I should watch Chennai Express as a South Indian (Tamilian, to be precise) or as an Indian who happens to be from the South and also understands Hindi. But I saw the film and actually liked it! And to think I was prepared not to like it at all, […]

[Rec] director Jaume Balagueró’s 2011 film Mientras Duermes truly lives up to the earlier blockbuster, but in vastly different ways. I recalled Indian (Tamil, to be specific) films like Vaali (Ajith in a double role) and Aasai (Prakashraj’s career-defining film) while watching Mientras Duermes, but unlike Indian films, there are no reasons offered to the […]

What do you get when you cross the sensibilities of Mani Ratnam’s Geetanjali (Idhayathai Thirudaathey, in Tamil), the crux of Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and the relationships in Audrey Niffenegger’s book The Time Traveler’s Wife (I’m discounting the Eric Bana-Rachel McAdams starrer made from the book because it was so bad)? You get Agnès Merlet’s Hideaways. No, […]

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