Tuesday March 27, 2012

The Silent Sea (Music review), Indipop – Advaita

Posted by Karthik

Tremor, Meinda ishq and Spinning build on the Indian’ness of their momentum in very similar ways; if Tremor uses a vocal route to make this addition to tantalizing effect, with only a hint of Suhail Yusuf Khan’s sarangi, Meinda ishq and Spinning go the whole hog with the sarangi sound in what work like true-blue fusion numbers. Gamapanipa picks up pace along with the sarangi prelude and holds absolutely spellbinding chorus portions! Dust is a great blend of Chayan’s towering vocals and pulsating rock base, till the native sound kicks off, as usual, with haunting sarangi, while the title song, starting and ending with the sound of the sea, is deeply moody, with a brilliantly guitar-led sound. Words, after a largely serene beginning, suddenly moves to an intriguing sound, and with its sarangi crescendo, ends incredibly. Mandirva is almost akin to a magnificently composed penance, but Gorakh is the only track that stretches the familiar sound to what ends up sounding like a template. The pick of the album is Mo Funk, an enchanting mix of Indian vocals and a classical lead tune and a very-typical Advaita ending. The Silent Sea is a superb sophomore effort from this fantastic band!

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PS: You may legally buy the mp3 version of this album, here.



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