Tuesday January 31, 2012

Crazy Loka (Music review), Kannada – Manikanth Kadri

Posted by Karthik

Ele elega starts almost abruptly, but is a lilting, 80s Hindi style rhythmic melody, sung really well by Vijay Prakash in the solo; the duet version by Rajesh Krishnan and Aishwarya Majundar, and Aishwarya’s solo version, all add to the song’s appeal. Manikanth leads Don’t worry in an odd voice, but Hemanth, Aishwarya and Shasank prop the reasonably catchy track well. Ghalabe borrows the backgrounds from many popular tracks but the overall package is tepid. Naavu aaramaagidre too assembles interesting sounds, but the Pritam-styled tune fails to connect. Kabab me addi is pointless. Inconsistent soundtrack from the otherwise efficient composer.

Keywords: Manikanth Kadri, Crazy Loka, Ravichandran, Kavita Lankesh



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