Aanandhapurathu Veedu (Music review), Tamil – Ramesh Krishna

Aanandhapurathu Veedu is a remarkable soundtrack – it makes it clear even in its CD that all the songs are composed on one single raag – Vasantha. Karthik’s incredible vocals, Suchitra’s counter-point interludes and some zingy orchestration make Chithira vaanam a delightful listen. Nee nee makes use of a child’s sound very, very beautifully, even as Vineeth sings about the joys of fatherhood in the soulful tune. Balram’s Thaaye enge has poignant lyrics about nuclear families, by Vairamuthu, and is sung wonderfully well too. The two theme pieces explore Vasantha mesmerizingly! One raag, great tunes and a really exquisite soundtrack!

Keywords: Naga, Nanda, Nandha, Chaya Singh, Ramesh Krishna

Question: Who is this Ramesh Krishna? There is a Kannada composer by that name – is this the same Ramesh Krishna?