Tuesday April 12, 2011

Kool (Music review), Kannada – V Harikrishna

Posted by Karthik

Chandrana has obviously poor chorus vocals, but Hari sure knows how to appeal to the lowest common denominator; the song is catchy. Much like Naveen Madhav’s Inky pinky, with that childishly repetitive hook. Coffee (listed as ‘Coffeg’ in the CD!) has horrendous vocals by Ganesh and contrastingly lovely singing by Priyadarshini; only its conversational style and Hari’s interludes save the track. Neenu ninthare, beyond all that sweetness, is staid and old, but the composer expertly mirrors Mano Murthy’s template in Sonu Nigam’s Nodutha. The short Udayavani is a lovely listen, barring that annoying fake child’s vocals. Harikrishna’s sub-standard masala dump.

Keywords: Ganesh, V Harikrishna, Kool



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