Monday March 21, 2011

IndiaGlitz copies my music review of Kullanari Koottam

Posted by Karthik

Just another day in the life of Milliblog, I suppose? Let us look at the extent of plagiarism, from even my severely brief 100 words – sentence (Indiaglitz) by sentence (mine).

Milliblog says: Vizhigalile is pitch-perfect; delightful tune, beautifully orchestrated and super vocals by Karthik and Chinmayi – delectable!
Indiaglitz says: “Vizhigalile” is a pitch-perfect song; a delightful tune to listen and beautifully orchestrated. The vocals are by Karthik and Chinmayi which are delectable! It’s has all the ingredients for an ideal romantic song.”

Milliblog says: If that was good, then Hariharan’s solo, Kadhal enbadhai, gets even better! On the lines of the sparse, early-Rahman, love-soaked melodies, this one, with wonderful lyrics by Suryaprabhakar, is stunningly beautiful! Hariharan’s sonorous voice makes it sound even better – great choice of singer by the composer!
Indiaglitz says: Hariharan’s solo, “Kadhal Enbadhai”, gets even better! The lines of this love-soaked melody resembles early-Rahmans work. With wonderful lyrics by Suryaprabhakar the song is very much admirable! Hariharan’s sonorous voice makes it sound even better, sure Hariharan was a great choice for this song by the composer!

Milliblog says: The title song is pulsatingly arranged, but that’s about it.
Indiaglitz says: The title song is pulsatingly arranged, it has a high spirit and it is ideally sung by Shankar Mahadevan. Apart from that the song is that’s about it. Perhaps the visual might add more meaning to it.

Milliblog says: Adugira maattai and Acham are middling, templatized tracks evoking limited interest.
Indiglitz says: “Adugira Maattai”, is like a song where it will be hit among college chaps. However this track evokes limited interest. Lyrics by V Elango are quite rythmic which goes nicely with the tune of the song. “Acham” has little adaptation of the high beat songs from the past. Rashmi’s powerful voice dominates all over the song. Kalpana has done a fair job but some times his part has been overshadowed by Rashmis’.

Milliblog says: After his abysmal work in Drohi, composer Selvaganesh more than redeems himself with Vizhigalile and Kaadhal enbadhai!
Indiaglitz says: After his abysmal work in Drohi, composer Selvaganesh is back who proves his best with Vizhigalile and Kadhal Enbadhal!

Few observations:

1. I really applaud Indiaglitz for racking their brains and writing something original about 2 songs that I clubbed and called ‘middling’. Amazing effort.

2. If Indiaglitz cannot afford to hire decent writers, let them not manage a site like this. Or, become a content aggregator – they already lift *every* bit of their so-called news from Tamil magazines; they offer poor English translation services…uncredited, if I may add.

3. Is it intentional that there is no name mentioned against this review, so that nobody in particular could be blamed?

4. Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but just for your kind information, Indiaglitz, I’m not flattered at all.



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