Music review: Kavithai Gundar (Tamil Hip-hop – Emcee Jesz)

Hip-hop, as a musical genre, has been tolerably explored in Tamil, by young composers like Yuvan and Dharan. Where they really scored is in the combination of hip-hop flavor with interesting tune patterns. That’s precisely where Emcee Jesz falters in Kavithai Gundar, a full-on, loud hip-hop attack. The exceptions are Thaniye, featuring Neha Bhasin and Vel vel, featuring Masta K, Kalai Kodi and Sara. The language is immaterial, since it’s anyway force-sung to standard rap-phrases. Where expressions and opinions took precedence in rap, here they sound gimmicky. All this Kavithai Gundar (transliterated from Lyrical Gangster!) deserves is just an encounter!

Keywords: Kavithai Gundar, Kavidhai Gundar, Emcee Jesz, Yogi B, Benny Dayal, Neha Bhasin