Sunday June 19, 2016

Rojulu Marayi (Music review), Telugu – J.B.

Posted by Karthik

The title song has a Harris Jayaraj’ish appeal and sing-along’ishness, complete with ‘O o oooo’ flourishes. Nuvvu nenu anna‘s wedding-style orchestration—though synthesized—makes it endearing, as does Surendra and Nayana Nair’s vocals. Anudeep and Lipsika are equally impressive in Egire oohalake, a possibly Karaharapriya raaga melody, handling the lively tune and the Carnatic aalaaps very well. Raa rammantunna seems like Dharmavathi raaga and has an unabashedly so-called ‘seduction’ song feel to it in an old-worldly way. Despite the impressive and ambitious orchestration in Vastunna, it remains largely situational. Yet another soundtrack that makes you wonder why J.B. is not more mainstream!

Keywords: Rojulu Marayi, J.B.

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