Friday June 11, 2010

Top recent listens (May 2010)

Posted by Karthik

Pappu Hippo & Mellaga – Pappu (Telugu – Phani Kalyan)
Rahman’s musical school student Phani Kalyan makes a confident debut in Pappu. The choice of Srinivas in the mello Mellaga is perfect, while even the mildly unkempt vocals by Radhika sounds brilliantly apt in Pappu Hippo.

Bibi sanam jaanem – Coke Studio Season 3 (Pakistani Pop – Zeb & Haniya)
One of the recent tracks that forced me to listen to it in a non-stop loop – what a track! Zeb & Haniya ROCK, again, after their debut album, Chup. I do not understand a word of what is being sung in Dari, but the intonation of those sounds is half the magic; sounds exotic and superbly sung!

Jab mila tu & Title song – I Hate Luv Storys (Hindi – Vishal-Shekhar)
A very light and frothy soundtrack fitting the film’s theme – very listenable and unleashes some nuances after multiple listens. Vishal’s vocals are becoming inimitable these days and they are the reason for these 2 songs listed here!

Too young – Phoenix
I stumbled upon this track recently while finally managing to watch Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation. This song features briefly in the film just before Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson start off their karaoke session at a friend’s place. The first time I heard this song, I thought it sounded a lot like Modjo’s Lady (Hear Me Tonight). When I Googled for the track featured in the film, I found that it was by another French band (Modjo is a French band too!) called Phoenix. Love it!

Maanyamaha janangale & Lavan kashmalan – Malarvaadi Arts Club (Malayalam – Shaan Rahman)
One of the best soundtracks from Kerala in recent times. Lavan kashmalan is uber catchy and brilliantly arranged with those assorted vocals, while Maanyamaha janangale has a superb stage sound and is fabulously sung too.

Malle malle – Andari Banduvaya (Telugu – Anoop Rubens)
I have gushed enough about this song – just listen to it!

Hosadondu, Title song & Naanu eega – Gaana Bajaana (Kannada – Joshua Sridhar)
After a reasonably promising start in Tamil, Joshua seems to have found his bearing in Karnataka. Good for him – he’s producing some good work here. Naanu eega has a distinct Kalloori sound that I adore, while the title song is high on infectious fun. Hosadondu too is stylishly techno with excellent singing by Karthik.

Ishq barse – Rajneeti (Hindi – Shantanu Moitra)
I felt bad the way this song was unused/mauled in the film, but it works within the context of the film, with its frenetic pace and already l-o-n-g run time. This is an item song like no other, in recent times and full marks to Shantanu Moitra for putting together such a lively package involving Hamsika’s scintillating vocals!

Ruupai & Malli puttani – Vedam (Telugu – MM Keeravani)
The film too has got some incredible reviews, but the music was clearly an indication for that already. As I had noted earlier, this should have been Keeravani’s 200th film – deserves to be. Malli puttani is a stunning song the way it has been modeled like a ghazal.

Transflute & Ullieann Pipes – Cafe Fluid (Naveen Kumar)
Naveen’s second album is as enjoyable as his debut. Ullieann Pipes, in specific, is a clear winner for its pulsating fusion sound. The overdose of middle eastern sound is a mild bother, but besides that, this album is a must-listen.

Thiraavaga vennila – Raamar (Tamil – Charles Melvin)
I have no idea who Charles Melvin is – all I know is that I gave this soundtrack a NW1W, but this lone track still managed to enter my brain, for some reason. Haunting song!



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