Bullet Basya (Music review), Kannada – Arjun Janya

The title song‘s chest-thumping and hero worship is listenable thanks to Tipu’s rendition. In Thutthoori talavarayya, Arjun’s composition seems to skillfully mimic Pancham and Vijay Prakash’s vocals add to the charm too. Sharan sings Kaal KG kallekaai, in a spoofy kuthu tune that Arjun usually reserves for himself; Sharan does an equally good job. Nakash Aziz and Anuradha Bhat breeze through the instantly catchy Baare kunthkolae, with Arjun opting for a simple, rhythmic sound. Common common (actually, Come On!) is painfully generic item song template. Arjun’s music is increasingly sounding as templatized as Devi Sri Prasad’s – it’s functional, though.

Keywords: Bullet Basya, Arjun Janya