Tuesday July 28, 2009

Music review: Cradlesong (Rob Thomas)

Posted by Karthik

Matchbox Twenty lead singer, Rob Thomas’ 2005 debut, ‘…Something To Be’ seems more like a curtain raiser, in front of his latest effort, ‘Cradlesong’. A far more cohesive album, Cradlesong goes the whole hog in delivering one great track after another and delighting with the sheer range of influences and genres! Natural is the track that stands out with its pondering lyrics bordering on the existential and making incredible use of a carefully laid out soundscape. The country-style, mellow take on life, Getting late; the ballad with an old-world charm and a haunting rock organ interlude in Cradlesong; Wonderful’s vulnerability wrapped in its pompously catchy horns; the angst-ridden and beautifully bluesy Still ain’t over you are straight aces. The African rhythms in Her diamonds, the 90s synth groove and pop’ish hooks of Gasoline, the very, very INXS’esque Give me the meltdown, the old fashioned catchy pop of Real world ’09, the power-chord induced, grand rock that almost talks down to the listener in Fire in the mountain and Hard on you, that is almost Sting, with similar orchestral sensibilities are the other tracks that impress effortlessly. This is one of the best albums of 2009 – creative, tuneful and immensely likeable.

Keywords: Rob Thomas, Matt Serletic, Matchbox Twenty, Cradlesong, Her diamonds, Give me the meltdown, Someday, Fire on the mountain



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