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Tuesday June 4, 2013 21:15

Ya Bay (Music review), Arabic – Hayajan

Ya 7weneh is a superb start to the album; Wardi sings in true Coldplay style, including a catchy falsetto piece, even as the electric guitars kick in taking the track to a new high! Wel loom ramani seems to have just one phrase for lyrics but has a captivating tune that, around 2:20 takes on […]

Kaho is very Enrique’ish and the song is middling at best. Atif’s other composition, Hona tha pyar, is the real deal; lilting guitar, beautiful tune and brilliant vocals by Atif and Hadiqa. Sajjad Ali’s Din pareshaan hai is a fabulous listen with a deeply affecting tune. Director Shoaib Mansoor’s three tracks are diametrically different – […]

The title track starts of intriguingly even as Chinmayi brings in the pleasant melody amidst breathlessly appealing rap by Iraj, Bullet and PsychoMantra. Karthik and Mahati rule Anthi neram and Kannale‘s gorgeous tunes respectively, ably supported by PsychoMantra’s occasional, equally lilting rap. Krishan and Iraj’s J-Town Story is full-fledged hip-hop, with a catchy tune and […]

Rahman’s three openers, The Canyon, Liberation Begins and Touch Of The Sun are situational, but what follows is sheer magic! Liberation In A Dream goes beyond its predecessor, while its successor, Liberation soars brilliantly; the kaleidoscope of sounds is enchanting. The splendid Acid Darbari is marred only by occasionally synthetically repetitive vocals, while R.I.P makes […]

Beyond the controversy about assorted record labels rejecting her and the album-leak brouhaha ahead of its launch, Annie’s latest album is a surprisingly fine effort. The 3 melodic tracks, Kiya yehi piyar hai, To woh nahin and Listen do expose Annie’s rather limited vocal range in vocals but musically they are mighty good, particularly the […]

A R Rahman’s soundtrack for Couples Retreat is disparate, background-music material, given the strong connection between the mostly-wordless tracks and the film. Barring two full songs – the romantically corny Sajna and the soundtrack’s best – a Tamil song, Kuru Kuru, the rest is a curious mélange of occasionally likeable sounds. Tracks that stand out […]

Tuesday July 28, 2009 21:39

Music review: Cradlesong (Rob Thomas)

Matchbox Twenty lead singer, Rob Thomas’ 2005 debut, ‘…Something To Be’ seems more like a curtain raiser, in front of his latest effort, ‘Cradlesong’. A far more cohesive album, Cradlesong goes the whole hog in delivering one great track after another and delighting with the sheer range of influences and genres! Natural is the track […]

Monday July 27, 2009 21:20

Music review: Amar Desh (Bangladeshi Pop)

If Anan’s Hishabi mohajon apes a catchy Hindi song, his other two strike it rich – the atmospheric sound in Guru blends into a lilting folk sound, while Bang opens with a Rahman’ish flute and is very tuneful. Hashem’s Dadi koise is heady Bangla folk, but Shithi’s Boitha overdoses on the orchestration. Amar Desh tries […]

Tuesday June 2, 2009 22:09

21st Century Breakdown (Green Day)

With a decidedly more leaner pop-rock structure than the punk-rock outlook of their earlier political parable, American Idiot, Green Day’s latest album, 21st Century Breakdown, is stadium-sized ambitious. The 18 track album is tremendously ear-friendly, thanks to Nirvana-fame Butch Vig. There is a marked salute towards their idols – Queen and Who, specifically – in […]

Tuesday May 5, 2009 19:27

Music review: Yes (Pet Shop Boys)

Synthpop masters Pet Shop Boys 10th album is significantly more contemporary than their last album, Fundamental. Xenomania adds a crisp layer on the album’s production values. The poignant but lavish sound of Love etc.; King of Rome’s forlorn theme; the groovy sampling of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite in All over the world; the simple, appealing melodies […]

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