Monday July 27, 2009

Music review: Amar Desh (Bangladeshi Pop)

Posted by Karthik

If Anan’s Hishabi mohajon apes a catchy Hindi song, his other two strike it rich – the atmospheric sound in Guru blends into a lilting folk sound, while Bang opens with a Rahman’ish flute and is very tuneful. Hashem’s Dadi koise is heady Bangla folk, but Shithi’s Boitha overdoses on the orchestration. Amar Desh tries way too many things and falls short, overall. Sara’s Pagla ghora and Mon ghuri are fabulous though – the former has its folk soul wrapped in enticing rhythms, while the latter’s techno-laden sound is trendy. Barring minor cribs, Amar Desh is definitely a welcome effort.

Keywords: Anan, Sara Islam, Shithi, Hashem, Zeeshan Zakaria, Amar Desh

Note: Amar Desh is on Facebook and the tracks are available on emusic.



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