Tuesday September 11, 2007

Tamil M.A (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Posted by Karthik

Some of Yuvan’s Pudhupettai orchestral brilliance trickles down to Innum oru iravu which sets a fabulously eerie and ambient tone to the soundtrack. Yuvan’s intentionally coarse diction and singing only adds to the feel! But the same voice tortures in Unakkaagathaane, even though the tune is genuinely interesting. Thankfully, he stops singing and hands the reign over to Rahul who delivers a knockout in Para para pattaampoochi. This one proves beyond doubt that Yuvan is indeed a chip off the ‘ol block, with shades of Ilayaraja’s ingenuity in every part of the track – backgrounds, choice of instruments and that gorgeous tune! The ol’ man himself chips in on Paravayin koottil, a haunting track on the pangs of separation. In some indirect way Raaja’s age-withered voice adds a considerable mood to the song’s theme, though Yuvan shines in the sparkling interludes and the disparately alluring rhythm! Vaazhkkai enbadhu has some of the most innovative backgrounds in recent times and is perhaps the most commercial track in the album. But, make no mistake, this one too is vibrantly different and the completely broken tune pattern lends to its uniqueness. Tamil MA is a solid and stirring triumph of Yuvan’s composing skills.

Keywords: Jeeva, Tamizh MA, Tamil MA, Thamizh MA, M.A

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