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Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi (Music review), Telugu – Vivek Sagar

Posted by Karthik

Swagatham Suswagatham is quite an unusual opening to the soundtrack! Cisco Chi sounds like Apache Indian 2.0 and the music too mixes a host of genres, sounding both curious and interesting! Aagi Aagi is trademark Vivek, with a breezy, guitar-led sound, and a melody that is easy-on-the-ear. Anurag Kulkarni holds fort till the anupallavi when Manisha Eerabathini saunters in, amidst Vivek’s favorite soft, jazzy sound. Collegee Agelona is a delightful pastiche led by a frenetic Electro Swing sound, and adding many other things in the heady mix. Parada Jarupukoni rides on Hemachandra’s superb vocals and Arshad Ali’s flamboyant sax, along with Vivek’s own electric guitars in the funky rock track. Maarey Kalale takes on a rock sound too, powered by Suraj Santosh’s vocals who is particularly fantastic in the song’s latter portions. This one aims for an anthemic sound and achieves it too, with help from Neil Joshua’s electric guitars. Veediponidhi Okateley is the soundtrack’s lone song with a softer tone. Vivek composes and sings this Simon & Garfunkel’ish melody, and guitars his way into it too, in style, along with a poignant violin phrase by Sandilya Pisapati. After Sammohanam, Vivek Sagar hits it out of the park yet again!

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  • Sri Prabhuram

    #200 word counter (of 2018 so far)
    Hindi: 2
    Tamil: 2
    Telugu: 2
    Kannada: 3

    • Uday Kiran

      Bro with all due respect, just follow the music not the reviews.

      • ashok

        With all due respect, don’t you think he has the right to follow whatever he wishes to follow?

  • Sri Prabhuram

    Looks like Vivek Sagar just pulled off a Shravan/Gopi Sundar, if you know what I mean. 😏

    • Sai Ram

      No, I don’t know what u mean, can u xplain?!

      • Sri Prabhuram

        In 2015, Gopi Sundar had Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju & Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Both of those soundtracks got a #200 and they were the top 2 soundtracks of 2015. Gopi was composer of the year.

        Same thing happened in 2016. Gopi had Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu & Majnu (I’m excluding the Telugu remake of Premam). Both of those soundtracks also got a #200 and they were the top 2 soundtracks of 2016. Gopi was the composer of that year as well.

        Then came Shravan, who had Chandamama Raave & Malli Raava in 2017. Both of those soundtracks got a #200 also. Although Chandamama Raave make it into the Top 3 and Malli Raava didn’t, Shravan was the composer of the year (along with DSP).

        Now in 2018, Vivek Sagar has BOTH Sammohanam & Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi getting a #200. He might be a strong contender for Telugu composer of the year. 😏

        • Sai Ram

          OK, thanks for the explanation

          • ashok

            For me, his Sheesh Mahal was the best soundtrack of 2017. Perhaps it got lost in the crowd.This album too is growing on me. Quirky and creative. I like it.

  • Sai Ram

    I don’t understand why & how even the most recent video songs of telugu are available on multiple channels on , it seems any1 can upload even most recent video songs, it seems there’s no fear of copyright infringement, maybe the YouTube channels are not concerned & some seem to be having multiple channel themselves, 1 promo they put on 1 channel, they will put same to same on their other channel as well, and on top of that I have noticed that full tamil & telugu video songs are available very late, while the availability of video songs is much earlier & better for other languages such as hindi, punjabi, bengali, even kannada & malayalam, I don’t think people watch jukeboxes or lyricals, people seem to be there for promotion of some hot videos of bhabhis-devars or to WhatsApp them kind of nonsense, it’ll be better if telugu & tamil channels start uploading video songs timely because of course very less people will be interested in some movie song after some months of release of movie

    • CV

      You can check in Aditya Music channel. They have some of the best. you can try Ravoyi Chandamama. In general many of Nagarjuna and Venkatesh movies are good musicals.

  • Sai Ram

    I wanna explore old telugu songs on YouTube, not very old but a little old, can someone tell me how can I do it, because if I search on YouTube & go by views then it seems all the most viewed songs are from very recent movies(seems they have a lot of advantage over older songs) & sometimes same song is there among the most viewed on different channels, then same concept can be applied to other language as well, can anyone help me?!

  • Neo_Sri

    @karthik: This review is incorrectly tagged as Tamil OST. Please rectify this 🙂

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