Thursday December 7, 2017

Sakka Podu Podu Raja (Music review), Tamil – STR

Posted by Karthik

After a grand, clunky intro, Kalakku machan launches into a Bhagyaraj-style insipid composition. Siru siru has an interesting germ of a semi-classical tune, but Simbu messes it up royally with haphazard backgrounds. The family song, Vaa munima, sung by dad, mom and son is the worst of the lot, going batshit crazy with digital processing. Kadhal devathai, despite the excessive digital processing fares slightly better, though going into a nutty acid-trip starting 03:40. Unakaaga, sung by Leon James and Andrea is the soundtrack’s best, with Simbu trying a funky mix and largely succeeding. STR’s music is better than his acting.

Keywords: Sakka Podu Podu Raja, STR, Simbu, Silambarasan, Silambarasan Thesingu Rajendar

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  • Sri Prabhuram

    What makes you dislike his acting?

    • milliblog

      I don’t. I just believe it is just functional.

      • Sri Prabhuram

        Oh Ok

  • Serina Joe

    STR’s music is better than his acting. Whoa! Reviewer becomes Jack of All Trade here. Don’t bring up your hatred by comparing his acting skills in your music review.

    • milliblog

      Whoa! You mean, as a normal viewer I can’t have a point of view on STR’s acting skills? One that anyone, including you, can disagree with?

      • Serina Joe

        Sorry Sir, I didn’t mean you that way. Just bullying his acting in a music forum sounded pretty divergent. No offence Sir. By the way BiG Fan of your Milliblog Sir. Keep Rocking! Cheers πŸ™‚

        • milliblog

          You are right. It is divergent. I was looking at the fact of artists doing more than one thing and that would naturally lead to people picking up one thing seeming better than another. For instance, people say that Kamal Hassan is as good in singing as he’s in acting. So, comparing 2 different talents of the same artist is fairly natural, I think. In Simbu’s case, actors debuting as composers is mighty rare (very few like K. Bhagyaraj, T. Rajendar among others have tried it) and even in those cases, people have seen the composing strength relative to their acting skills, as a frame of reference.

  • navo

    What in the world is Vaa Munimma? Is that one of the worst songs I’ve heard this year?

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