Tuesday April 28, 2009

Music review: 99 (Hindi – Ashutosh, Shamir Tandon, Roshan Machado & Mahesh Shanker)

Posted by Karthik

Ashutosh’s two songs – Raja Hassan-sung Delhi Destiny, that follows a monotonous drill barring the lively lyrics and the Shaan-sung Kal ki tarah, that breezes past faster than you expect its melody to sink in, are largely humdrum. Roshan Machado’s theme tune is middling and beyond the marginally interesting retro feel, his Soch mat disappoints too. Shamir Tandon’s sole track, What’s up, however, is effectively swinging, with a very enjoyable, groovy sound. Mahesh Shanker’s Labh Jhanjua-sung Punjabi Size is unfortunately standard stuff that barely registers. Beyond its interesting premise, 99 doesn’t seem ambitious or keen enough to showcase its music.

Keywords: Cyrus Broacha, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Raja Sen, Ashutosh, Shamir Tandon, Roshan Machado, Mahesh Shanker



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