Saturday September 9, 2017

Spyder (Music review), Telugu – Harris Jayaraj

Posted by Karthik

Despite all the kitchen-sink level cliches in Boom boom, the sound remains alluring, thanks to the fantastic brass he incorporates along with Nikhita Gandhi’s vocals. Ciciliya ciciliya too is a fairly good listen, with a lively melody, accentuated with Harris’ pet sounds, including gibberish chorus from exotic islands. Haricharan is dependably good handling the vocals, with a peekaboo Shakthishree. Harris dips into his Anniyan stock for Haali haali that, besides its heady hook and a lovely second interlude, has nothing much to add. Achcham Telugandham‘s only highlight is rhyming mysterious with Confuscious. Predictable Harris Jayaraj package with two good-enough songs.

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  • Anonymous

    Did you consider listening to the tamil version? Personally think it’s better than the Telugu verion


    hi, unrelated to this
    could you do a piece on why some works from a composer are vastly superlative to others, and what role does the team/ director’s briefing have to do with it? How does ARR do great work on Highway, Dilli6, rockstar etc. How does a rookie director get Shankar Ehsaan Loy to produce great stuff for his first film Dil Chhahta hai/ Wake Up Sid – better than what they’ve done for experienced guys.

    I know there can’t be a single big reason but maybe there are some great insights on what dynamics are at play?
    would love your thoughts on this

  • jeanjohny

    Boom Boom is so similar to That’s My girl by Fifth Harmony

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