Thursday July 13, 2017

Jagga Jasoos (Music review), Hindi – Pritam

Posted by Karthik

There’s so much to like in Ullu ka pattha – Vivienne Pocha’s ‘Ulule’ hook—with a clever yodel effect, Daniel García Diego’s scintillating Flamenco guitar, and the way multiple streams converge when Nikitha Gandhi starts, ‘Be sar pair ki…”. Arijit and Nikitha are fantastic, handling the energetic tune. Plagiarism allegations notwithstanding, there is definitely a Bihu/Assamese twang—with a lilting pop rhythm—to Galti se mistake. Amitabh Bhattacharya amusing lines get the perfect expression in Arijit and Amit Mishra comical delivery. Pritam’s melody in Jhumritalaiyya has a meditative quality. But Neelesh Misra’s lyrics are as vibrantly whimsical as Ranbir’s hair-do… and that helps Arijit breathe life into it like only he can. After a lovely guitar phrase and a brilliant chorus, Pritam brings back things in style with the ‘Guzra sarfira’ part! Nyzel Dlima and Roland Fernandes’ guitar adds considerable charm to the somber Phir wahi, with Arijit laying out Amitabh Bhattacharya’s plaintive verse in his inimitable style. Musafir, with the surprisingly non-Arijit voice of Tushar Joshi joins other Ranbir-featuring travel songs like Safarnama and Phir se udd chala, and makes for a very hummable melody with a lovely Coldplay’ish ending. Pritam showcases a tremendously enjoyable range over the 5-song Jagga Jasoos soundtrack.

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PS: This is the 5 ‘straight’ songs set of Jagga Jasoos. There are 20+ more songs that are ‘screenplay’ songs, that help propel the narrative like a musical. ‘Khaana khaake‘ is the first of such songs and there are a lot more to come. Will do a separate review of those songs, once they are all released.

Listen to the songs on Saavn:

Listen to the songs on YouTube:



  • Uday Kiran

    If I am not wrong Ullu Ka Pattha sang by Arijit and Nikitha Gandhi

    • milliblog

      Indeed. Updated.

      • Mahesh

        “….multiple streams converge when Jonita Gandhi starts, ‘Be sar pair ki…” Nikitha, if I am not wrong.

        • milliblog

          Yes. Sorry again – updated.

  • Mahesh

    I think you are 100 words short for this album….

  • Janasheen

    Has the actual album been released or have u done the song review considering the film has released today?

    • milliblog

      There are 5 ‘straight’ songs in the film. That is the standard film album. Those 5 are out.

      There are 20+ more ‘screenplay’ songs of which only one has released so far. They are part of an extended soundtrack and is most likely to be out end of next week.

      • pappu92

        Are there any more tracks coming? On Youtube and Saavn they’ve added Khaana Khaake and are calling it full album

        • rnjbond

          I saw the movie this last weekend and there are literally 20+ mini songs in there. I imagine they’ll have to be released at some point…

          I did notice the jukebox on YouTube has Khaana Khaake as part of the soundtrack, which is curious.

  • Somadri Chatterjee

    But what about the plagiarism row with Galti Se Mistake from 3ball MTY’s Inteltalo? The YouTube is awash with the allegation…. Although Pritam team did clarify that they bought and licensed the same tribal tune which the Mexican band used for Inteltalo… Your take on this, Karthik?

  • rnjbond

    Love this soundtrack. I have yet to see the movie, but the songs do a great job of bringing the visuals to the listener.

    In the song, Jhumritalaiyya, is it just me or does the album version not have vocals by Mohan Kanan (aka Agnee)? Because his vocals are clearly heard on the Youtube version (during the “Duniya Ye” line), but I don’t hear it when I listen on Saavn. Maybe this will be another soundtrack like Dilwale where the song versions differ between the soundtrack and the movie.

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