Monday April 17, 2017

Maayavan (Music review), Tamil – Ghibran

Posted by Karthik

Mella mella has all the hallmark of a Ghibran song – multi-layered orchestration, excellent vocal harmonies that beautifully lift the anupallavi and interludes and a saccharine-sweet melody perfectly handled by Shwetha Subram and Abishek. Bodhai poo raises the bar significantly further with its exotic instrumental mix and a fabulously rhythmic hook that Sharanya Gopinath renders with aplomb. Marana Gaana Viji’s oddly distorted, digitally managed voice leads the foot-stomper of a techno-kuthu Maya masthava – adequately catchy! Of the 13 impressive background pieces, Chase the shadows, Wrath of Maya and Flush and rush are instantly appealing. Interesting, imaginative music from Ghibran.

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  • Indian Anywhere

    Ghibran and Sean Roldan should anchor the host of new music talents to venture into amazing experimental genres of music. We know how good Ghibran could deliver. This music is of lesser par when we compare with his other masterpieces. And it is really evident from Milliblog’s reviews. This is just my opinion.

  • 1 hindu

    It seems interesting that Kahlil Gibran was a christian while Mohamaad Ghibran with almost the same name is a muslim, weird world

  • 1 hindu

    I don’t know y u write in each review of him name as Ghibran, i don’t understand what kind of phenomena stops u from writin the name as
    Mohamaad Ghibran, hidden intentions?!

    • Sai Prasanth

      Because it’s mentioned “Ghibran” in the album cover. Open your eyes, please.

  • 1 hindu

    I think u r highly biased for Ghibran, or mayb shud i say Mohamaad Ghibran,it seems along with writing a blog, u r also doin minority strengthening or shud i say minority appeasement, u shud better let the minorities bcome strong by their own talents rather than uselessly strengthening the anti-national elements, u shud know it’s bad tym for traitors, don’t u?!

    • Anon92115

      wonder why you would even get this angle into a music review blog. Please!
      – Keshav

    • milliblog

      Hey. I had clearly warned you not to bring religion into this comments section. You have every right to hold any and every religion based on view on any topic, including music. But you need to find another place to air them, not this comments section. So, since I had warned you earlier, and you persist, I’m forced to ban you.

  • samjo511

    Bodhai Poo got same sounds like his backgroundscore in Vathikuchi

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