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Kaatru Veliyidai (Music review), Tamil – A R Rahman

Posted by Karthik

Sathya Prakash breathes lifeโ€”as much as Chinmayi does with her hummingโ€”into Rahman’s evocative melody in Nallai allai. Vairamuthu’s beautifully Tamil verse sounds pitch perfect in Sathya Prakash’s careful diction. But for the ill-conceived Punjabi detour, Azhagiye works brilliantly, with a spritely energy, Haricharan’s (Or is it Arjun Chandy leading the singing?) lively vocals and Karky’s cleverly colloquial lines. Vaan varuvaan harks back to Rahman of Taj Mahal (Kulirudhu kuliridhu)! Shashaa Tirupati holds the song with her phenomenal singing even as Rahman adds her voice in multiple layers for added effect! The instantly catchy Saarattu vandiyila comes with an addictive lilt and Vairamuthu’s gently erotic man-woman banter. Raihanah and Tipu are in perfect sync with the lyrical exchange, significantly enhanced by the guitar in the background. Tango kelaayo‘s allegiance to Sway is a bit too obvious, but Rahman moves the song into highly interesting zones, including a markedly retro-style ‘Unnai pirindhaal’ and a dramatically more modern ‘Oh nee ennai piriyaai’ before flowing freely into a haunting combination of strings and accordion! Jugni is Rahman’s Ram Gopal Varma material, with a profusion of pleasant music that crescendos impressively amidst a passable tune. In the 25th year of their collaboration, Mani and Rahman prove that the spark is alive and kicking.

Keywords: Kaatru Veliyidai, A R Rahman, 200, #200

PS: Yes, I was wrong about the diminishing marginal utility part in my O Kaadhal Kanmani review. In hindsight, after Kaatru Veliyidai, it seems like a one-off middling work from the duo.

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  • jeanjohny

    I liked the Punjabi Part in Azhakiye. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The ‘PS’ was humourous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ricky Chandarana

    Nallai allai hook sounds interestingly similar to Ek Ladki Ko Dekha’s interlude music!

    • Sajith Pallipuram

      Absolutely true. Its a clear lift from rd and i did feel bad ARR did this… may be he can come out with an explanation…

  • Sathya

    The ARR Vairamuthu Maniratnam combo has been done to death. I tuned out long time back. There is nothing wrong in ARR and MR taking a break from each other

    • Rakesh Kumar

      Spot on. IMO they have been rank mediocre post Alaipayuthe. Actually I am sick of even AP songs, but it took a while for me to reach to that state. Songs of movies after AP went stale for me, faster than yesterday’s dosai maav ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Sathya

        Agree on Alaipayuthe as the last memorable one. After that, Kadal had some great voices. I actually like ARR’s music for GVM. The music there seems to flow easy, unrestricted

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    Being heavily saturated with OKK, as of now I feel Kaatru Veliyidai is up to class of OKK album. But on its own, Kaatru Veliyidai is a highly satisfying endeavor from ARR-Mani. But one thing that ppl are starting to point out now – this soundtrack sounds more like a Gautham Menon album than a Mani Ratnam album. That extra class that differentiates a Mani album from a Gautham album is drastically declining. A Gautham Menon album (whether with ARR or with others) is brilliant by itself, but a Mani-ARR album tends to have that extra kick of epicness that puts it way above others. OKK and KaatruVeliyidai are in the GVM zone, not really in the Mani Ratnam zone. Maybe ARR is balancing it out, or Mani is declining down is the question.

    Nothing to take away from the class of both OKK and KV albums. Both are brilliantly good.

  • Jagan Kumaravelu

    I loved the songs of Kaatru Veliyidai. Every song is so sweet on the ears and surprisingly – all of them are almost instantly likeable. Due to this factor, the repeated listening will be done voluntarily (and not forced, to like). This means, the album will definitely be loved more as we hear. Hope the visuals keep up. I hope its more aptly used visually than just used as OST.

  • Sundarhari

    Nallai allai song is nice but produces a heard-before feel. Specifically, listen to the Udhaya song Pookum malarai sung by Hariharan. The Nallai song has parts that remind the Udhaya number.

    • Sriram T

      Nallai allai song guitar sound immediately brought Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car to mind… The song’s structure is very similar?

      • Sundarhari

        Andha kandraavi ellam theriyaadhu pa namakku. I just felt that nallai allai immediately brought to my mind the pookum malargal song from Udhaya.

  • rnjbond

    I loved the Punjabi interlude in Azhagiye!

    Great soundtrack overall and I love that it gives me the feeling of both modern and classic AR Rahman!

  • Subramanian Ramachandran

    So you still do not want to take back that caustic opinion about OKK :), did you give multiple listens to OKK?

    • milliblog

      Oh yes, many many listens. I love Parandhu sella vaa and Mental manadhil. Rest, I don’t. Why force myself to endlessly listen to something I don’t like in the assumption that multiple listens will make me like them? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Subramanian Ramachandran

        no, it is not like that, just wanted to know whether you didnt want to review your initial opinion at all :)…….I agree that each one their own opinion…, but cant digest the point that you consider 24, Linga above OK Kanmani….thatz why i keep asking this question everytime when you review a Rahman Album ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aadhy

    The most beautiful lines (musically) in Sarattu Vandiyila was sung by Nikitha Gandhi, the “Magaraani…” and “Kanni kannadi…” part. You could’ve given her a mention as well, or maybe it didn’t appeal to you so much as it did to me.

    And in Azhagiye, the pallavi is completely led by Arjun chandy. Haricharan comes in only at the Charanam, atleast recognisably. But it’s got a hell lotta layering with Sid sriram and Jonita adding their R&B vocals.

  • Sai Prasanth

    Did you listen to ‘Maragatha Naanayam’ album?
    What’s your take on that?

  • Sai Prasanth

    Interesting this!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Its Haricharan himself with his vocal formant and pitch tweaked to modulate like a young sensuous female..we tried others but we couldnโ€™t get this quality so retained the temp..

  • Anon92115

    Hi Karthik – Can we expect a review of ARR’s ‘Viceroy’s House’? – would like to know your opinion!

    • rnjbond

      Second that, it’s a big movie too, and it’s a lovely soundtrack.

  • rnjbond

    I know nothing about this movie, but why is there such a Punjabi influence? Both Azghaye and Jugni have Punjabi lyrics…

  • Rakesh Kumar

    “PS: Yes, I was wrong about the diminishing marginal utility part in my O Kaadhal Kanmani review. In hindsight, after Kaatru Veliyidai, it seems like a one-off middling work from the duo.”

    Really Karthik !!!! I don’t find this album any better than OKK, Ravanan, Guru, AY (Yuva). Their best days ended with Alaipayuthe.

  • saleem

    The songs were nice after the mediocre album of 24. The songs of AYM and OkK were average but Kaatru veliyidai will make its mark after the videos release. Azhagiye, Vaan Varuvan and Saaratu vandi will have its name at least for a while. I felt mixed with Tango Kelayo and Nalli Aval but Jugni is plausible. Vaan varuvan will have its future for sure. I believe it is a decent album after Power Pandi (though i feel the album is monotonous).

    • 1 hindu

      mediocre album of 24?! Lol, it had some superb songs enough for the album not being of the level which u r callin, songs of AYM and OkK were average, another lol, that’s y mayb 1 of them was remade in hindi with many songs intact, ryt?! Can u tell which album u liked recently then?!

  • Hrishikesh Parthasarathy

    is it just me or does the music feel too noisy? in azhakiye, tango and jugni? so many instruments, drowning out the vocals? i have a pretty good music system, listening on saavn pro…

    • 1 hindu

      R u relative of sriram parthasarathy?!

  • Noufal

    The album is quite good…. More unconventional than okk was so can understand why you liked this more…. And even I am pissed with the punjabi bit,have to edit it out…. But please explain the rgv reference

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