Devika (Devika)

Devika Chawla’s debut album is a pleasant surprise, thanks largely to ex-Vital Signs member Shehzad Hasan. His 3 compositions here – Kehnde ne naina, Intezaar and Jeena tere bin – are enveloped in an enchanting assortment of ambient sounds, with Devika adding a pleasant layer of vocals. SaazMantra (Farhan and Anshuman) produce 3 other tracks, out of which only Pehli Nazar stands out, while in Mere husn ki garmi, Devika’s vocals go completely astray, despite the overall appealing sound. Nayyo lagda, composed by Rajiv Sharma, Manesh Judge and Devika is assembly-line Punjabi pop. Not a bad debut at all, Devika!

Keywords: Devika Chawla, Vital Signs, Pakistani pop music, Shahi, Phat Phish

Note 1: Its entirely incidental that Vital Signs is mentioned in 2 reviews back to back!

(Link Updated)Note 2: One of the songs in this album, ‘Intezaar’ rings a HUGE bell in my mind. I’m sure I’ve heard the tune somewhere, but not able to place it. Could someone please listen to its sample (available here) and let me know if it does remind you of some other song?